BUG CHECK… use now and always!

I’m always asked during the winter months if it "OK" to continue to provide our BUG CHECK supplement…

It is more than just OK!

Considering that it has so much good stuff in it that is great for overall health, including supporting the skin and gut and that it is so extremely economical, there’s no way I would have a horse be without it.

Depending on the size package you purchase, BUG CHECK is as little as $7.99 a month when following the recommended usage of our proprietary (can’t be copied) non-pelleted and non-cooked formula!

So when ordering products at this time of year, remember  BUG CHECK for use now and before the bugs come!

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what others have said…

"I ordered 30 lbs of your Bug Check very late last winter/early spring so that I would have it on hand when it was time to start giving it this fly season. I followed the directions of 1 full scoop for each horse who weighed about 1000 lbs for 3 to 4 weeks and then backed off to 1/2 half a scoop.

Well, as the spring progressed, the flies seamed to really be bothering my two boys and I was wondering why the bug check wasn’t really working. They were getting fly bites on their chest and it was clear they were being bothered by the flies.

Well I decided to go back up to the full scoop to see what would happen. With in about two weeks, my two horses seamed much happier and I noticed the flies (which we did not have that many of) were not bothering them like before.

So, we have been going along on 1 full scoop per day per horse now for about 2 1/2 months. Just the other day we added a new horse to our small group who has not been on bug check and I was able to see first had the difference between a horse who has not been on your bug check and one or two that have! WOW!! What a difference!

Our new horse was a magnet for the flies we did have. I did have some fly spray on hand and had to go get it. He was miserable, poor thing. I haven’t had to use the fly spray in over two months on the two horses that I have. I don’t like using chemicals so I only use something like that as a last resort. Our new horse is a draft so he is on 2 scoops right now and I am using fly spray as needed until the bug check kicks in. Hopefully it will be soon! I am sold on Bug Check, this stuff really works. I wish I had known about it last year when I had my first horse boarded. The flies at the boarding stable were really really bad and my horse was miserable!! I just want to thank you for such a great product and will be trying some of you other products in the future."

"We have used BugCheck on and off for a while and every time I stop using I am convinced of why I was using it to begin with! The horses are kept fly free (for the most part) and the barn has virtually no flies. We found that it is important that all of the horses in the barn be on the product though. We also noticed that a few of the horses have a much better coat while being on the bug-check product. I am not sure if they have allergies to fly bites or just a strong reaction, but while on bug check, their coats improved and they looked so much better! This is a great product for fly control on the horses and in the barn."

"This is the second year that we have used Bug Chek . Not only does it help keep the fly population down but we have noticed that our horses coats have a really beautiful shine.
I have recommended it to all of my barn owner friends."

"I have purchased Bug Check for two years. I can see a visible difference in the horses coats as well as the reduction in flies at the barn. When we are out on trail rides, our horses are typically fly free with the occassional flying nuisances, but our horses rarely get bit! I would recommend this product to anyone, especially anyone who has a horse with allergies!"

"This year I used Bugcheck combined with fly predators and had very few flies. The horses eat it readily , didn’t have any bites on them and didn’t seem very bothered with what flys were around. After a small amount of coaxing the goats finally ate it too and this helped get the expelled product throughout the barn. Unlike some products it is safe for livestock and dogs as well as horses."

"Per the suggestion of a trainer at the barn which I board at, I put my horse on garlic. I was a bit skeptical but it is a reasonable price and it couldn’t hurt, right? Especially since regardless of how much cleaning was done and how much fly spray was applied, the flies still kept coming! I was also skeptical that my horse would not eat the garlic, but I was wrong. She eats it up every day and the flies have definitely minimized. They are not gone but it definitely helps alot. And the price is definitely less than what I would be paying in fly spray every month!"

"This stuff really works. My horse’s stall is no longer crawling with flies. A by product seems that his coat has improved too. Finally a product with garlic that my horse will eat that doesn’t make him smell like a pizza."