Lori asked about mare with thyroid problem…

Dr Dan… question about a mare that I may be
acquiring, she has a bit of a thyroid problem (crested neck, etc) &
has foundered a time or two mainly from the previous owner OVERFEEDING
but she does have a pre-disposition to founder & I am pretty sure he
makes some products that are not the usual "medicines" for horses like
her, but I wanted to get his opinion before I bring her home & try to
breed her.


Thanks for asking!

Big problem these days. Not so much from over feeding though but from commercial feeds that are full of "junk" just like our food…food from a box hydrogenated fats present in all commercial feed is killing our horses pets and us. Of course the need fat even to burn fat but they need good fats (our Weight Check oil) Getting them off commercial feed and onto our www.feedforsuccess.com program does the trick.

Since this horse is already cresty necked, I would suggest our Critical Care overweight/thyroid support formula. It will greatly regulate sugar support and really hasten progress. The Critical Care is pricey but there is nothing like it. Also see the article on fats in the magazine but check out the website above first.

Again thanks for asking!!