Emily: about horse's neck problem and cough…

Hi Dr Dan,

I have a mystery that I think I am on the right track to solving but would like your thoughts on it.

About 19 months ago I was feeding my horse from a feeder built into the wall so he had to pull the hay through pig panel wire to try and slow him down and keep his hay off the ground. He is prone to sand colic and would never stop eating if given the choice.  I weight all his food in order to keep him from getting too fat. He always stood with his left side next to the wall and tipped his head to the left and pulled the hay out to his right. After a few months one day he would not eat and acted upset so I thought colic. Called the vet and he was treated for colic. A pain shot and he wanted to eat. A couple of weeks later the same thing except this time he suddenly started coughing and he would rub the right side of his head on his leg. No fever or runny nose and all blood work etc checked out fine.

The Vet could find nothing wrong. Again after a shot he stop
 ped coughing and ate. I decided it had to do with the way he was holding his head while eating was causing a neck spasm or something which maybe triggered the cough. Cleaning my ears makes me cough.  Took the feeder out and fed him on the stall floor. Everything was fine all summer. Rode him on the trails with hills and etc with no cough or any indications of any breathing problems.

Started feeding him from a hay bag and noticed he would stand and pull the hay the same way as from the wall feeder but had sort of forgotten about the cough. I go to feed one night and he is coughing like mad. No sign of a cough the day before. He would take a bite and then cough and walk in circles and then try to eat again. I had some banamine so gave him half a dose and by morning the cough was gone. Took away the hay bag. Was ok for a couple of weeks and then the same thing. I waited to see if he would stop coughing on his own but it got worse. A half dose of banamine and cough gone.

Do you think I am on the right track here and what would you suppest for treatment? What Homeopathic medicine do you think would work if it is a neck spasm? I do not want to continue to use drugs if this is going to be an on going condition. He gets the same hay year around and I was wetting the hay in case of dust but really do not think that is the problem as he never has had any snot.

Anxious to hear what you think.

Emily L.

I would have his teeth checked by an equine dentist or vet that does a lot of teeth before I did anything else.

As for a remedy, the whole case would have to be taken before suggesting a remedy. What u are seeing is only one symptom of many that would have to be evaluated. "Taking" such a case takes a lot of time to work up. I have done hundreds but no time for more so I would suggest a TRUE homeopathic vet like myself if u wanted to go down that road. I unfortunately just can’t takes cases any longer.

YoHave the teeth checked. Consider our feeding program. I would also suggest our Joint Check for inflammatory support. Thanks for asking. I would also find a chiropractor who does horses if the teeth aren’t bad next.

Thanks for asking!