Ellie asks about low-sugar/starch diet for an 27 yr old horse…

Hi Dr. Dan,

my vet has said the 27 year old arab mare I have is either pre  chushings or ems- either way she needs a low sugar /starch deit.

I have always fed rolled oats and then a small amount of sweet feed  just for flavor.. I  do add vitiams and  probitics as well. I do feed 1 leaf Alfhfa and 2  feeding grass hay> The research I  have done  says they get more sugar on pasture grasses  then in feed. I   would love to know how to keep this mare  in good health an feed  her correctly. I have in the past  been able to keep arabs going until the age of 36 1/2 yrs old this has been a  very nice mare.I am now feeding her stratergy and 2 feedings of Alf with one small feeding of grass hay.

Easy fix.

Go back to oats with NO sweet feed or other commercial feed of any kind.

The hay is fine that you have. To the oats add the Just Add oats and Weight Check oil. Keep Red Cal available free choice at all times. Go to www.whattofeedyourhorse.com for more info.

Oats ARE the original low starch feed!

The other feeds are junk in my opinion.

Thanks For Asking!