Shelley's questions about hoof care…

Hi Dr. Dan,

I searched the archives regarding thrush and have decided to order the Grape Balm Hoof Healer.    

My problem is not only an on going battle with thrush (very wet here in Canada), but incredibly soft feet.  Both horses have 4 white feet, one is doing great, no thrush and does well barefoot.  The other one can’t kick thrush and although is barefoot, struggles on any surface other than grass.  He used to be shod, but I was still having problems with thrush and also contracted heels.  Since being barefoot, his heels are much better, but he has a lot of sensitivity in his feet.  Spraying apple cider vinegar has helped with drying them out, and he he has excellant foot growth.  I rasp every 2 weeks.  

I am worried applying the hoof balm will add moisture, or will it help toughen his feet?    

Do you recommend the balm for this horse?  Would the hoof check be a better way to go, or both.  How often do you apply the balm, is it a daily thing?  

Thanks Just waiting for your reply so we can order.  BTW, I am sure you know he is already on free choice Red Cal(high mag), Just Add Oats and Weight Check Oil.  


Hoof Check for sure AND grape balm (applying every other day is generally enough) shouldn’t soften but won’t harden either.

Thanks for your support Shelley!