Cecilia asks about "Titers" for her horses

My horse is due for a 5 way flu vaccine and west nile required yearly at our barn.  Are there tire tests for this and where is the best place to send.  Is Dr. J. D. doing these types of titre tests?  also they require a yearly rabies.  Is this necessary or can a titre be done?

Are you sure there is a requirement for rabies. Only "required" for dogs in most states. Regardless, Personally I don’t vaccinate for anything under ANY circumstance unless required by law. I also don’t do titers. I just keep them healthy and keep the bugs off www.feedingforsuccess.com and various articles in the library section too. If anyone would do equine titers I would start with Cornell university or Michigan. Your local vet should know if anyone does them closer. Thanks for asking. (Titers for dogs is more common)

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