YOU- The Person Of The Year and a Joyful New Direction…

I wanted to take this time to send along Happy New Year greetings for 2010 to you and proclaim You to be Person Of The Year of 2009!


It was a couple of years ago that TIME’s Person Of The Year- was YOU and to tell you the truth I haven’t bothered to see who they named for 2009 because there is no one more deserving than YOU this year.

I know that many of you had a tough year and if you didn’t, you surely know someone that did. And while I know all about the troubled economy, I also know many that are near and dear to me that were hit hard in so many other areas this past year including the passing on of loved ones.

For fighting through 2009 for yourself, family and friends… I, Dr. Dan am proclaiming YOU to be the Person Of The Year!

A Joyful New Direction…
Ricochet the Dog

Many of you that have been part of my life over the years know that yes, while I know that we have great products and it’s easy for me to tell you why you need this or that, I also take great joy in sharing things that I think are simply "good for the soul". And with technology like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube it makes it so much easier to do so and for you to share with me as well, because like you, a good daily dose of soul-food does me good and encourages me to do what I can do.

A good friend Kitty Lewis shared with me a YouTube video about the story of Ricochet the Dog.. a dog that rose up past what she couldn’t do to find joy and to excel what she could do!

Pray For Our TroopsAs I close this email, I would like to ask that you keep those men and women that are serving our country while in harm’s way across the world, in your thoughts and prayers.

Also keep their families in those same thoughts and prayers as we celebrate a time of new beginnings and new opportunities made possible by their huge impact on our lives and our livelihoods as they do their work that is all-too-often under appreciated in our country and especially throughout the world.

Make It A Happy New Year!

Dr. Dan Sig
Dr. Dan Moore, DVM