Sue asks about Suspensory ligament issue

Dear Dr. Dan,  

My daughter’s horse(who I’m caring for while she is in France for a year) is having lameness issues. I have not had the vet in yet but my farrier suggests either suspensory ligament or navicular problems. Initially it was his right front, but more recently his left front seems sore. We have been using Red Cal Hi mag & Just Add Oats 2x (for 2-3 months) and Tucker took a container of Joint Check.

He has not been ridden since Sept. I have not seen any improvement yet and unfortunately he seems to be getting worse the last 2 wks.

Do you have any suggestions?I appreciate your time.

Hi Sue,

Regardless of cause I would double the Joint Check amount given daily. I would also add the Critical Care Laminitis formula (great for inflammatory support) the later is pricey but awesome and nothing like it. if anything will help nutritionally this will. BUT both are these issues can be difficult situation to say the least and really there is not much "medical" wise to even help. I would also add the Weight Check as part of the feeding program if not already giving.

Thanks for asking and for your support!
Dr Dan