Jennifer asks about Facial hair on Quarter Horse…

Dear Dr. Dan,

I have had my quarter horse for five moths.He is eight years old. When I got him he did have a lump about the size of a grape on his chin right where the chin strap would be.I was not too concerned seeing as he did not seem bothered by it and it was not getting bigger at all.

In November I started him on your feed for sucess program. He also gets nice grassy hay that has not been fertilized with any chemicals. I also started him on the aller check a month ago since he had previously been underweight and had foundered before we got him. He is doing well with his natural trimming and new diet.

I have had tremendous sucess with aller check when our mare had a chronic nasal discharge. I love this product.

His growth has suddenly grown about four times its size in a little under two weeks and I am wondering if you can recommend to me what I should do. He does not mind it being touched at all and it is not a round shape as it used to be. Now it is more of flat and hard.

 Any ideas or recommendations for possibly  a topical to put on?  

Thanks Dr. Dan. I appreciate your time.

Double the Aller Check and topically apply the Grape Balm Herbal healer.. it is UGLY and STINKS but if anything will help topically it will.. thanks for asking and for your support!