Diana's question: "crested neck collapse"

 I am having a problem with my horses’ necks, which are heavily crested (they are Friesians and Andalusians) becoming wobbly and starting to collapse.

 I was told by my vet it is an issue of collegen breakdown which then no longer supports the neck.

 I did some research on collegen and read that vit c, pycnogonol and silica will help preserve collegen.  I am having trouble finding sttraight pycnogonol.  Do you carry this and do you you have any experience with this problem?  

I would appreciate any information you can give me as once the necks go, there is no picking them back up!    

Thank you!  Diana

Over time, you "probably won’t notice as much" but there is no actual treatment.. not even what you mention merely because of the shear weight involved…. however what you mention couldn’t hurt in any way and is great nutritionally regardless. They are an important part of any diet in my opinion so we address them in our feeding program… www.feedforsuccess.com.  

An excellent way and the best way I know to get these ingredients is our RED CAL and our Health check supplements. Pycnogenol is pine bark extract and grape seed extract both of which are in Health Check.(and our Human product- REDOXX)  also the Grape seed is very high in natural Vit C (and E etc.) Red Cal is high in all natural minerals including silica, though we don’t specifically list it on the label since it is not considered "essential" as a feed  ingredient.

Thanks for asking Diana



  1. I too have Friesians – one is a stallion, so his mane is now by his knees.
    The crest can be helped when you don’t let the mane stay on the same side all the time. Switch every other week which is what many with horses who have huge manes do.

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