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All-Day Energy, Weight Management Support, Blood Sugar Control, Metabolism Booster, Muscle Mass Builder, Cholesterol Control, Allergy Control, More Vitality and other possible support benefits from a product developed from the base of a proven performer.

Featuring Cha’ de Bugre and Yerba Mate…
Cafe Caps bottle

Direct from brazil, Cha’ de Bugre is a natural herb which historically has been used as a Heart Tonic, Energizer, Appetite Suppressant and for Reducing Fat Deposits and Cellulite.* This special extract is combined with South American Yerba Maté for a tremendous energizing combination.

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Much like our PLUS Advantage product, Cafe Caps features a Chromium base enhanced by key synergistic ingredients along with the added benefits of two amazingly beneficial herbs from South American! All in a capsule delivery system and available now at an even more remarkable price than usual if you act now!

Chá de bugre products are highly commercialized as a weight loss aid in Brazil where tea bags, fluid extracts and tinctures of chá de bugre are commonly seen in pharmacies, stores, and even in the beach-front eateries and refreshment stands along Rio de Janeiro’s beaches. It has long been a popular weight loss product which has been marketed as a diuretic, appetite suppressant, and believed to help prevent or reduce fatty deposits and cellulite. Dr. C.L. Cruz in his book, "Dictionary of the Plants Used in Brazil", recommends chá de bugre as an excellent diuretic and weight loss aid as well as a good general heart tonic which can help stimulate circulation. It is also used in Brazil and Haiti as a tea to help relieve coughs, regulate renal function, reduce uric acid and used externally to heal wounds.
Cafe Caps bottle
Yerba mate was has been used as a beverage since the time of the ancient Indians of Brazil and Paraguay. In the early 16th century, Juan de Solís, a Spanish explorer of South America’s famed La Plata River, reported that the Guarani Indians of Paraguay brewed a leaf tea that "produced exhilaration and relief from fatigue."

Yerba mate also has a long history of use worldwide. In Europe it is used for weight loss, physical and mental fatigue, nervous depression, rheumatic pains, and psychogenic- and fatigue-related headaches. In Germany it has become popular as a weight-loss aid. Yerba mate is the subject of a German monograph which lists its approved uses for mental and physical fatigue. In France yerba mate is approved for the treatment of asthenia (weakness or lack of energy), as an aid in weight-loss programs, and as a diuretic. It also appears in the British Herbal Phamacopoeia (1996) and indicated for the treatment of fatigue, weight loss, and headaches. In the U.S., Dr. James Balch, M.D. recommends yerba mate for arthritis, headache, hemorrhoids, fluid retention, obesity, fatigue, stress, constipation, allergies, and hay fever, and states that it "cleanses the blood, tones the nervous system, retards aging, stimulates the mind, controls the appetite, stimulates the production of cortisone, and is believed to enhance the healing powers of other herbs."

Cafe Caps labelChromium helps maintain normal metabolism and is an essential part of the GTF (glucose tolerance factor) molecule.

GTF is an important cofactor for insulin in the regulation of blood sugar which is necessary for proper metabolism.

Vanadium helps lower blood sugar by helping to improve the cells’ sensitivity to insulin.

American Ginseng helps enable the body to cope with hunger, and mental and emotional stress while energizing the body and mind.

American Desert Herb provides energy and is a source of Vitamin B-12, Cobalt, Strontium, Nickel and Copper.
Guarana is an energizer that helps to maintain stamina and physical endurance.

White Willow is an excellent anti-inflammatory.

Bladderwrack has been found to reduce water retention and aids in digestive functions of the body.

Gotu Kola is an excellent mental stimulant.

Licorice has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, immune-activating, demulcent, and expectorant properties.

Astragalus increases the body’s resistance to disease, strengthens the digestion, and improves the vitality of the immune system.

Ginger aids digestion and stimulates circulation.

Bee Pollen helps to improve overall vitality and endurance- mentally and physically.

Reishi Mushroom is used as a tonic to help increase energy, improve digestion and … lower HDL (the ‘bad’ cholesterol), and reduce excess fatty acids. Also, Reishi has been shown to prevent and treat hardening of the arteries.

Rehmannia In Oriental medicine, the root is used to replenish vitality, strengthen the liver, kidney, and heart, and for treatment of a variety of ailments.
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Fennel has historically been used to aid digestion and sweeten the breath

Gum Karaya is a source of fiber.

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