De-Worming from the Equine Affaire!

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Last week I shared with you one of the audio recordings from my many presentations I was asked to give at the recent November Equine Affaire.

This week’s audio features information I shared about "De- Worming" that I know you’ll benefit from hearing. use the links below and if you missed last weeks, I have also included them in this email along with some other De-Worming information from our archives and library…



Shared Last Week… Information You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else!




Use the button link below to watch Dr. Dan on a show segment on the subject of
"De-Worming Your Horse"


"OH CRAP!" is the title an interview that I conducted with Equine Wellness magazine. In it, we get "up close and personal" with your horse’s manure and discuss the importance and role that regular fecal exams play in the implementation of a natural horse care regimen.

To access "OH CRAP!" now- Click Here or

TO BE "dewormed" OR NOT TO BE "dewormed" – THAT IS THE QUESTION!

Click Here for the article or use this link:

"I’m giving RED-CAL" to my horse friends this Christmas!"
Sylvia M.Red Cal Stocking Stuffer :-)

Red Cal, "How You Feed It" and "What about the effects of bad weather"…

The answer is simple— All they want all the time! If they’re eating a bunch- it’s because they need it and it will eventually balance out.

Just hang a bucket on a fence post and make sure an inch or so is always in the bottom. You never have to wash the bucket. Just add some fresh Red Cal to the bucket. You should know that rain weather doesn’t even hurt. It actually makes it stick to the bottom of the bucket like a soft clay that they can still get a big bite of whenever they wish.

… He really went for the Red Cal, had a white nose everyday for awhile. But what a difference in his personality, no more pacing while eating, no more rubbing teeth, and although he has always been loving he is now trusting also ( if that makes sense). Thank You so much, and God Bless You.
Nickie D.

Feed For

The Gift Of Health For All…
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