Joey asked about Dog's Tummy (says Joint Check is amazing!)

I have an older purebred collie, who is a retired show collie, lately i have been noticing he gets the dry heaves, and his teeth are super bad – pink stuff growing on them and they were cleaned about two months ago – i brush them twice a week, and i have been working with him to let me use a waterpick with a perioxide, water, and a bit of vanilla mix to help clean those teeth up – but his breath is horrible – we have him in to get him vet checked, and nothing showed that was outside the normal ranges.  

But with his tummy dry heavy – could he have an active ulcer – it’s not consistent – and sometimes when he gets stressed it is super active and it’s very distressing – i have heard of horses getting ulcers from stress can dogs?  and what product should i be looking at – i currently keep him on your joint check.  

By the way – you want product endoursement – that is amazing stuff…..

Joey P.

Thanks for sharing your testimonial about our Joint Check for pets!

I would consider the Aller Check for the gut. It has some awesome ingredients for support.

For the teeth u might consider an occasional large RAW knuckle bone.

Thanks Joey