Cary asks about our magnesium, feeding and more…

What is the magnesium form that you use in your Red Cal and Red Cal + magnesium? I have found that most supplements contain a very cheep form of Mg. (Mg. Oxide) which is virtually useless since the horse is not able to break it down for the magnesium.

With this in mind which supplements (Red Cal etc.?)would you suggest for race horses that have a problem tying up –which I think is related to dehydration and mineral imbalance, what are your thoughts and your recommendations?


That would be true on most minerals but NOT magnesium. The oxide is very usable and bioavailable and no other type could possibly get enough in a horse- period.  The Red Cal form also contains it in a very natural form containing all that was in the pristine sea bed from which it comes from.

I would highly suggest our feeding program at For any horse especially those that are IR. If they have a cresty neck I would also suggest our critical care hypothyroid IR formula. Thanks for asking.