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Hello,  My 23 year old Morgan gelding is currently recovering from EPM.  

He was diagnosed and treated in July with one month of Marquis, he relapsed in September and was treated with two months on Marquis.  In addition to having major neuological issues he has lost a lot of weight.  

I live in NH and am concerned about the upcoming snow and cold.  He does have a nice coat.  I am feeding him all the hay he wants, 1 cup of stabilized rice bran (Mana Pro), 3 cups of Superior Senior – twice a day, and  8,000 IU’s of Vitamin E, and a little hay stretcher.  He is no longer losing weight and has put a little back on.  Any thoughts?  

Thanks,  Tracey B.

Many thoughts and none of them include what u are now using.

I hate the potential of rice bran possibly pulling calcium out of the bones. Commercial feed is full of hydrogenated fats and more.  You must boost the immune system as well as help get rid of the "junk" already I. The system. Personally I believe the organisms "super bugs like EPM" get trapped in the fat cells and liver (nerves are all more than 50 percent fat). The reason is hydrogenated plastic like fats.  

I like to "flush" the body with good fats to support the nerves, liver and even each cell membrane. I suggest our weight check supplement at up to 8 oz (typical amount daily is only 2) this will greatly help weight as well as provide good energy, weight, fatty acids, phospholipids (also a huge part of nerves). To support  the immune system our Aller Check supplement.

To support the liver and detox our Health Check supplement.

Of course I suggest getting off of commercial feed entirely.  Please go to As to what is suggested instead of commercial bagged feed.

Thanks for asking

Hang in there. Just need a few changes


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  1. Keria

    I had an EPM mare for 7 years when she passed on from complications of old age. As an EPM horse, it is important that you continue to treat them, although you believe they have recovered. Like Dr. Dan, I believe the EPM protozoa lives in the tissues for a number of years. I treated my mare with colloidal silver for a period of time. You can make colloidal silver easily with a generator and thus bypass the expensive health food store version. I would be happy to discuss this and authorize Dr. Dan to release my email address to you if you want to contact me. Additionally, continuing with the high Vitamin E IUs is essential to nerve repair. Regards, keria

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