Elaine asked about feeding her horse "for endurance"…

Hello, I am sooooo confused about feeds.

I do endurance and they say to use beet pulp feeds because it digest slowly in the hind gut for lasting energy and that pure oats to much starch not enough fiber. My feed I use and alot of endurance riders use is Wellness Compete Safe which is no corn, pellet base, oat, barley, omegas,herbs, etc.  

We all water down our feeds to get more water in their systems.  


Oats are digested in the hind gut and are lower starch than any other grain.

A better source of fiber than beet pulp is hay as well. The big problem with beet pulp in my opinion and observation is that it literally "sucks" the nutrition right out of the gut. I just don’t like it period!

I would suggest our Weight Check oil as a much better source of energy. As for oats of course they alone are not enough. They do need good hay. The oats must be properly supplemented.

Our Just add oats product and weight check make them complete.

The next most important thing is to throw away the salt, mineral blocks etc and use Red Cal free choice instead. I wound even hang it in the trailer if traveling long distances to the events.  This would reduce need for electrolytes while there by keeping them balanced before.  Bottom line is to follow the advise at www.feedingforsuccess.com. Other than that a few extra oz of weight check (up to 8 per day for heavy endurance) and you should be winning everything.

Great question, Thanks for asking!