Answering H2Oil/Weight Check Oil questions…

I live in the Northeast and it gets very cold out here, does the oil tend to thicken in the winter?  Also I’d like to see the Ingredient Label – Currently Feeding Omega Horse Shine and would like to compare these products.

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Trudy S.

Yes it gets thicker.  I don’t like flax, especially ground.  Flax is very fragile and will go rancid quickly once in a powder/ground form.  Also the h2oil still has all the "goodies" still in it so much more than omega 3.  Such things as natural vitamin E’s, phospho lipids, natural sterols etc are still there and not filtered out etc.

Bottom line .. The only thing better is our Weight Check which is GMO free even.


Weight Check Oil:



Is it ok for H2Oil to be out in all weather. I have my bag of oats in a garbage can out by the hay–which is in an open bay of a shop. JAO and all the other products-plus the oil are out there too. It’s below freezing here and I’m wondering if that is ok for the oil. It isn’t frozen but do I need to keep it in the house? Does the 100* weather bother it too? I use it up in about 2 mos—but does it go rancid?

It has all the natural preservatives still in it that have not been filtered out in any way. Heat however is worse than cold but direct sunlight worst of all. It will get slushy when frozen but typically won’t freeze solid. This doesn’t hurt. Thanks for asking

We have been using H2Oil for 2 years with wonderful results.  Our 10 yr old Walker mare recently went from a dry lot to a new stable with pasture.  The dry lot had a hay feeder, with no growing vegetation, so she was not eating "off the ground". Since she is now grazing, I am wondering about her ingesting sand, and if the H2Oil will help prevent sand colic.  Also, now that she has room to exercise more, she has dropped some weight (that’s a good thing), but I am wondering with winter approaching, if increasing her H2Oil will help her stay warmer, by ingesting more calories.

Yes to both. The lubrication will help the sand. The increase will help the weight. Do consider our Weight Check. Didn’t think we could do better than h2oil but Weight Check is.