Patricia- My 15 yr. TWH mare has low thyroid…

My 15 yr TWH mare has low thyroid, .9. She is on pasture 24/7. What can you recommend besides Levothyrox L every day which is what our Vet has recommended?

She has also had a bout with Anemia this past Spring but is within normal range now with Hemax and Red Cell. She will be on the Red Cell thru January as per the Vet.  

Thank you, Pat

Hello Pat and thanks for asking…

I would highly suggest our feeding program at along with our Critical Care Overweight formula (that one is pricey but really supports the sugar levels). Commercial feed with all the bad fats are part of the cause.

Got to get them off and they can’t get what they need from just hay. Most horses are not iron deficient (like the product you mention primarily provides). You will not need this with our feeding program nor would I suggest.  I have seen hundreds benefit from the above. Without drugs and actually able to come off even once on.

I am sure you know that such meds actually "shut down" the thyroid.

Personally I would rather support it with the right nutrients and get rid of the bad. Also see the article on fat in the magazine as well on the article on laminitis. Check Library also. It all applies.

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