Michelle asked, "positive for strongyles"

I received a third positive test result for my horse, Spirit.  She is a 12 year old QH.

 I have been treating Spirit with your Worm Check each time a positive result was given.  The last positive report said the numbers showed up lower and it was suggested to deworm and give her some gut support. I did give three doses of Worm Check, 1 x 3 days and Gut check each day with her other supps. for a month now.  What do you suggest, how and what exactly do I do to "deworm".  Worm Check? How much? How often?  

I am wanting to stay natural with the products I offer her.  I have been following your holistic way and so far Spirit is healthy.  I do not see any poor effects with the positive parasite results, her body weight is the same. Spirit gets the Just Add Oats, H2 Oil and has access to free feed Red Cal everyday.  What’s next? How do I help her get rid of the parasites?  

 Please advise. Thank you.


You may not get rid of them without chemicals and even they may not work. Nor would I suggest them anyway.  See the recent article on parasite resistance at www.wormcheck.com. (Overuse of chemicals has just created super worms it seems)  

But your numbers are lower so that is a good thing. I would just keep doing fecals every few months to be sure they stay low. Deworm as needed. Generally one tube of Worm Check is sufficient but any amount is only healthy. I would continue the gut check.  

Sounds like u are making progress. Personally, I would just hang in there and continue.

Thanks For Asking!