No Matter How You Carve It…


No Matter How You Carve It…
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Hi Dr. Dan,

I just wanted to say thank-you. I found your magazine through Cap Star for head shaker syndrome.

My 9 yr old BLM mustang has always had head shaker problems since I owned her (8 plus yrs.) and she has a 3 yr. old colt that doesn’t have head shakers classic symptoms but he never has been right in my opinion- nervous, not trusting, doesn’t crib but would rub his teeth on feed trough, chew wood, pace with hind feet while eating, and just not happy.

Well when the lady from Cap Star sent me your magazine and I watched your videos, I bought some Red Cal, Bug check, H20 oil, and Just Add Oats, I got him off pelleted hay, and on oats plus his grass hay.

He really went for the Red Cal, had a white nose everyday for awhile. But what a difference in his personality, no more pacing while eating, no more rubbing teeth, and although he has always been loving he is now trusting also ( if that makes sense).

Poor guy, sorry it’s taken me so long to find out what he needed. But now I can see a future in him and will start riding him soon. By the way with Cap Star and your products his mom is losing her shaker problems, and is doing great also, she has always been awesome but lacking some energy under saddle, well she has good energy now, and no head shaker problems (so far).

Thank You so much, and God Bless You.

Nickie D.

Dr. Dan Moore
I am humbled everyday by the emails, cards, letters and phone calls I receive on a daily basis. Often times you might see them as they are posted on the site or often as they are posted by others on Facebook like this one from Sparkle H…

Dr. Dan, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many times you have rescued my horses from colic, thrush, bugs, allergies, I truly appreciate your kindness and knowledge. My wish is that everyone that owns a horse crosses your path. Blessings.

WOW! what can I say? Only that I appreciate the support from you, I consider you to be a friend that just happens to be a customer and I can’t thank you enough.

It pleases me so much to see so many people receiving great results from our products. Results for themselves, their pets and of course their horses. Of course people love to talk about their horses and pets and that’s why I hear so many of those great stories!

But it pleases me because I know, and know not just in my head, but in my heart that the knowledge and advice I share is on the right track. Sometimes it takes awhile but often times other experts will come on board with what I’m been saying for many years and I’m quick to share their information with you.

Parasite Resistance On the Upswing

This week a new article appeared n the October 2009 issue of Veterinary Practice News,
that features content that I have basically been shouting from the barn roof for 10 years! I hope you will make the time to review the article (click here) and review some of my information on the same subject from or as well as

I know the next few days might find you busy with family activities, festivals and shows and I do hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend. When things do wind down, please take time to review the article that I shared above.

In closing I want to share with you my version of something I saw on a bumper sticker lately…

"Lord, today, help me be the kind of person that my dog and horse think I am"

I appreciate you!
Dr. Dan Sig
Dr. Dan Moore, DVM


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Dr. Dan What To Feed My Horse
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Oats are whole and not a by product like commercial ingredients or beet pulp! Oats are more natural than pellets. Pellets are cooked and I don’t know any horse that eats anything cooked in the wild, do you? I am sure you also know that cooking destroys nutrients. Plus, contents of each batch of commercial feeds can vary batch to batch depending on what is available and less costly. Such "least cost analysis" approaches may not be so great for colic prone, other gut sensitive issues and especially allergies. With oats and the JUST ADD OATS supplement you always know what you are getting. Every bucket full is always the same!"

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