testimonial from Nickie and her Mustang with "head shaker syndrome".

Hi Dr. Dan,

I just wanted to say thank-you. I found your magazine through Cap Star for head shaker syndrom.

My 9 yr old BLM mustang has always had head shaker problems since I owned her (8 plus yrs.) and she has a 3 yr. old colt that doesn’t have head shakers classic syptoms but he never has been right in my opinion- nervous, not trusting,doesn’t crib but would rub his teeth on feed trough, chew wood, pace with hind feet while eating, and just not happy.

Well when the lady from Cap Star sent me your magazine and I watched your videos, I bought some red cal, bug check, H20 oil, and just add oats, I got him off pelleted hay, and on oats plus his  grass hay.

He really went for the red cal, had a white nose everyday for awhile. But what a difference in his personality, no more pacing while eating, no more rubbing teeth, and although he has always been loving he is now trusting also ( if that makes sense).

Pooor guy sorry it’s taken me so long to find out what he needed. But now I can see a future in him and will start riding him soon. By the way with Cap Star and your products his mom is losing her shaker problems, and is doing great also, she has always been awsome but lacking some energy under saddle, well she has good energy now, and no head shaker problems(so far).

Thank You so much, and God Bless You.

Nickie D.

WOW, I don’t know what to say…
I’m humbled by your words.

Thanks for taking the time to share Nickie.

I appreciate your support.