Supplement questions from Victoria…

Hello Dr. Dan,

I’ve just switched to oats, but need to address vitamin and mineral needs, as well as some current problems.  

1.  My horses chew wood, not out of boredom.  I’ve read in "Natural Horse Care", by Pat Coleby,  that one of the main missing nutrients when this happens is copper.  I’ve also read your thoughts on copper and know it can be a problem.  If copper is provided by itself, with no additives, as a free choice mineral, would horses eat it if they weren’t deficient?  

2.  Is there boron in any of your products?  Pat Coleby recommends it for clicking joints, and one of our horses has that, also my doctor has me on it.  

3.  Dicalcium phosphate can be high in lead, and I’m told is harder to utilize.  Is there a reason you don’t use other forms in Just Add Oats?  

4.  What is the cal/mag ratio of Hi Mag Red Cal?  

5.  Is Red Cal like Redmond salt with grape seed, yeast and other nutrients added?  

6.  I’ve read high phosphorous can cause laminitis, also potassium nitrate ion.  Have you heard of phosphorous causing it?    

Thank you for answering.

I would never ever supplement just copper. Way to much potential for getting others out of balance

Yes, especially the Red Cal being from the ocean where it once was formed (prehistoric). Since there is no accurate measuring available a few sates won’t let us make a big deal of it in any way. There is also silicon. As well as every other mineral known to man and I suspect many that yet to be discovered.

Clicking is caused by many things. The combinations of our feeding program may help alone. If not I suggest our Joint Check supplement.

U are very knowledgeable on your minerals.  I applaud you. And you are very correct on calcium carbonate. That is exactly why we are so careful with our Natural source not some other industries "left overs". I searched far and wide for our natural source of calcium. The carbonate is the ONLY way to get enough for a horses needs.

The magnesium is 6 percent added magnesium to the regular so it is about 2 to 1 ca to mg.

There is just nothing like Red Cal but it is a natural version of salt and minerals for sure plus all the others. Again carefully selected.

Thanks for asking Victoria!

Dr Dan

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