Libby: KMH possible IR Needs Antibiotics…

Hi Dr. Dan,

I recently purchased a KMH and it was not disclosed by the seller but I was able to find out from her vet  records after the fact that they had discussed Metabolic Syndrome with her.

She did not have him tested and I am planning to test him in Dec when he can also be tested for Cushings.  My problem is that Merlin has a horrible case of scratches that I have tried everything on and I cant seem to get it to heel up.

I feel like I need to give him some type of treatment for the inside because everything havs been topical thus far. My vet wants him on SMZ and I told her that I had read not to give sulfer to IR or Cushings afflicted horses.

I don’t want to give him these antibiotics if they could harm him. Do you know of a natural herb or remedy that may help?  

Thanks, Libby

Bottom line is that topicals will never be sufficient for such. Though I would suggest our Grape Balm daily.

The issue that must be addressed is the immune system AND what the body is trying to "discharge".  the feed as a source of "junk" must be addressed (see and vaccinations and dewormers etc etc. All are issues.

I have an audio in the library section that speaks about thrush and white line. ( All of this info applies.

Bottom line is I suggest our entire feeding program, grape balm topically, our Health Check supplement (to support the detox of the liver). at 2 scoops daily and Aller Check supplement to help. support the immune system.  Enjoy the audio and the feeding website.

You can also search this site for past answers I have given about "Insulin resistant"

Thanks For Asking Libby!