Sandy, with a horse diagnosed with keratoma…

We have a horse at the barn who has been diagnosed with a keratoma in his left hind foot…  He has had it excised once and it looks like it is now returning… Do you have any ideas on how we might be able to treat this…  He is a 16 year QH who loves to ride the trails…  Would really appreciate all the help you could give us…

Thanks, Sandy

This is a very difficult situation to say the least. 

Surgery is the most common  and only know treatment unfortunately.. however if the horse were mine I would apply/pack- however I could keep it on…. Grape Balm daily . I would also put the horse on Hoof Check supplement for support of hoof tissue and the Aller Check to  support the immune system.

Wish i could say this would definitely help but I can’t. I can say that if anything nutritionally/topically will .. this would.

I hope the best for you.