Kathy and her product reports… Thanks Kathy!


Hi Dr. Dan…

well I’m really satisfied with all the products of yours we have tried and we’ve been using for over 2 mos. My husband has been taking (well we both have) RedOXX, Enhance, and Comfort Caps. He has a good deal of shoulder pain and I asked him if he would give all those a try w/o the Ibuprofen. He told me the other day he just had to add the Ibuprofen back into things. The other stuff wasn’t cutting it. He is 64 and leads a very active life style as we live on a farm. He’s been a diabetic for 30 years(type 1) . I just ordered more of the Comfort caps so that he can increase his intake to 4 a day.

 Does it take a while to build up it’s strength in your system?  Will it diminish the effectiveness of your products by mixing with Ibuprofen?  You are the only health care professional I can ask about this—because you are the only one that has any knowledge of the products.
I totally agree with you that "the doctors of today must become the nutritionists of tomorrow or the nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorrow." This morning on CBS they dedicated their entire show to obesity and health in our country. How it impacts us, how we deal with it, how much it costs us yadayadayada….pretty interesting.
Well anyway everyone on the farm is taking something of yours and we thank you.

The horse and donkeys fairly knock each other down trying to get to their Oats and everything that I put on top of them. It’s funny, I go out to feed hay at around 5:30 or 6 in the morning. Then I go out when it gets light and feed them their Oats etc. and let the chickens out. If I don’t get out there just about light the donkeys start braying, "get out here we want our oats and goodies!"

Thanks Dr. Dan,
Kathy K.

4,6, Or 8 Comfort Caps will be no problem – whatever it takes and much healthier than the drugs. He might also add the Trim Flex.

Very glad the rest of the "family" are so happy!

Thanks For Sharing your Story.