Gwen's question about her cribbing situation with her horses…

I board my horses on a ranch where a new horse has arrived and he’s an extreme cribber.  I’m shocked at the extreme degree to which he cribs.  

The ranch owner is concerned, and I told her I had read an article of yours where you had a success story via nutrition.  I have been on your site tonight and I haven’t been able to find any details on this.  My computer system is not stable at this point, so that’s OK.  I would like to get a link from you about your work with cribbing to pass on.  

This horse is 1. in obviously poor condition, 2.  is obviously loved by its owner, who doesn’t have a clue what to do, and 3.  is obviously a horse the property owner wants to help in any way, shape or form.  So, please give me a way to get this started to help this horse.  Everyone involved wants to see it happen, and right now, he is wearing a new cribbing halter and hanging out, which I know is not a cure for the problem.  

Thank you so much,  Gwen J.

Some cribbing is do to nutrition. a lot is already habit and already an addiction with a "drug High" from the action itself.

My suggestion is making sure he is getting the diet we suggest at (Just Add Oats and Weight Check supplements along with RED CAL). Be sure he has free choice to RED CAL. I also suggest the Hi Mag version of RED CAL for the first bag then switch back to regular. I now suggest our Weight Check oil instead of our older version called H2OIL. (either is great but I get better results from the Weight Check overall)  

I would give 2 scoops daily of Bug Check as well… I know it sounds crazy but the ingredients are actually utilized for "addiction" treatment for people.. just so happens that they help keeping bugs off too. Finally also include the Gut Check since he is so bad.. (some cribbing is caused by stomach issues). 


All the above is sort of a "shot gun" approach since as you know there is no known cure.  You can search our

website as well where I have answered past questions etc. Since he is really bad.

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Thanks For Asking Gwen