Maia's 7-yr old thoroughbred with possible ulcers???

Hi Dr. Dan,  

I have a 7 year old thoroughbred one year off the race track. I put him on red cal,j oint check, just add oats, and weight check oil about two months ago.He also gets 1/2 cup of raw organic apple cider vinegar. My trainer keeps telling me that she thinks my horse has ulcers every time he has a bad attitude. I have not had him scoped and I really didn’t want to put him on meds for ulcers just because someone "thinks" he might have ulsers.

So what would you recommmend?
Thank You, Maia

No way would I start just "because" either, but I would take him off the vinegar for sure.

Be sure Red Cal is offered free choice and you could put him on Gut Check. This would appease the trainer since it has helped support many ulcer issues AND is only healthy for any horse anyway. Just a thought.

Thanks for asking!


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  1. toni james

    Dr Dan, just wondering why you would suggest taking the horse off of vinegar? I feed ACV to all my horses and have read about numerous health benefits. Just wondering what your take is on the subject!

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