Marsha asked about high mineral content of the water and Red Cal…

My question is how does high mineral content of the water affect the feeding of your product Red-Cal?  

Our water for the horses has tested out high in Calcium 68mg/L, sodium 30.6mg/L, and iron .40mg/L.  Hardness as CaCO3 is 251mg/L, pH is 7.24.  In the past, a test on the urine of one of the horses showed as much as 50% calcium carbonate sediment, with a very high pH value.  The horses are generally fed grass hay, occasional alfalfa and plain whole oats.  

When checking supplement or bag feed ingredients, many have calcium carbonate as one of the first ingredients.  

Would you have a hair mineral analysis on horses such as mine?  Would hard water alone, be a cause of excess calcium?  I have not had my hay tested, but have considered doing so.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.  

Marsha Novicki

Hair mineral analysis is not suggested.

I used to do them but they were unreliable because even though you made a balanced custom mix as a result 6 months later u generally have something else still off balance.

Anyway,  I would suggest the Hi Mag Red Cal of ours (this should help because they can balance their own needs)and also our Just Add Oats.   We have hard water here too and ours get the above and never have we or thousands of others had any issues regardless of water. I would also suggest our Weight Check oil.  

So bottom line…  our is still suggested with the Hi Mag version of Red Cal.

Thanks for asking!