Debra's questions about Thyroid meds for dogs, Bug Check, Zeolites and more…

Just wondering your opinion on using thyroid med with dogs. 

One of our dogs was diagnosed with a genetically compromised immune system and minimal thyroid function.  She sees a holistic vet who prescribes the meds, our vet feels she will always need the meds r/t her immune problems.  She is doing great, on grain free diet and liquid zeolite along with the soloxine. 

I would like to wean her to natural products but do not want to compromise her health… also wondering how long the bug check etc would last feeding 5 horses.



The maintenance amount for Bug Check w/ horses is one pound per month (some situations need more) so a 10 lb pail would last 2 months for 5 horses. The 30 lb and the 50 lb sizes would save quite a bit though in cost.  The 30 lb size would last 5 horses 6 months.  The 50 lb size 5 horses 10 months

As for the dog, the problem with thyroid meds is that they shut down the thyroid by providing a synthetic hormone. But since the thyroid is responsible for so much more than can be provided by a synthetic "anything" they concern me. Now I am not your normal vet but it makes more sense to me to "provide" and stimulate the thyroid rather than shut it down with drugs. Since your case has been diagnosed as  "genetic", which I would have a hard time personally in diagnosing such, what  I suggest may not help. But…..

I have been successful in horses refunctioning such  but have not yet formulated a product(s) for dogs. In the meantime I would consider however our REDOXX for people supplement at 1 capsule per 25 lbs daily. Also our Plus Advantage for people at 1 capsule per 25 lbs daily. Worth a try and in no way could harm. You won’t need the zeolite since based on what I have seen the REDOXX should even be more efficient.  (see more about REDOXX at
(more about PLUS at

Thanks for asking!