Nancy with Feed For Success questions (and she's happy with Bug Check)

First let me say your Bug Check really seemed to help keep flies off my black horse this summer.  First time I tried it, and only 2 bots noted all summer & fall – miraculous!    

I’ve been using your "Just Add Oats" for quite some time – feeding oats, hay/grass, flaxseed (cold-processed granular), & your high-Mag Red-Cal .

Question 1:  do you recommend whole oats, versus crimped or steamed oats?

Questions 2:  what is the difference between your H2Oil and your Weight Check oil?  

I’m looking for something with a higher ration of Omega 3 than Omega 6, since too much Omega 6 can actually cause inflammation.

Nancy F.

Thanks for asking and thanks for the comments about Bug Check!!!

Whole (oats) are fine. Crimped are only 6 percent more efficient Digestible but once crimped they start to go rancid. So… Whole is fine.

As for the oils…  our Weight Check Oil is GMO free and actually giving is better results than our H2Oil.  That is misinformation on omega 6. Arachadonic acid can cause inflammation but the key is the proper mix of omegas. Flax (mostly omega 3 especially in. The dry, ground or powder version) really goes rancid more than any so I don’t suggest it though higher in omega 3.

Our Weight Check Oil is the best I have found overall. It took me 3 years to even find the source. You won’t be disappointed even though it does have more omega 6 than 3.

Thanks again!