Joey: question about loose stools with older mare…

Hi Dr. Dan,  I have an older mare, when i started working with her in April, she was very underweight, so we started feeding her free feed the Red C al, and started her on free feed an alfalfa grass mix hay…

about two months into the weight gain she started going into heat, local vet checked her teeth, for tape worms, blood check, but said because she was being brought up to a decent weight and because she was coming back into a decent weight, her heat cycle was so off kilter that she pretty much stayed in heat all summer, now she is getting on a normal cycle (vet said to let her go through the process) but she always has very loose stools.

We can’t find parasites, or anything to help her other than feeding her probias every day.  Her weight is really doing well compared to what she was in April, but with the runny stools a little worried about the maintaince of her health especially coming into the winter.   Is there something we are missing?  the local vet isn’t to worried but as her owner I am.  even though she has gained weight she could actually be a little heavier.  

Thank you so much for your input,

Joey P.

I would consider some oats along with our Just Add oats supplement and the Weight Check oil. See you won’t need the probiotics with this and it will balance all out. The weight check oil,  at 3 or 4 oz per day will help with the weight gain and anytime there is a hormone issue the fats are generally indicated to say the least. The structure of hormones is fat related. (Weight Check is really good fats).

I would not give the alfalfa hay free choice. I have had better results just limiting to a few times a day. Sort of have to play the amount by ear but generally a big flake. (6 to 10 inches depending on horse and quality of hay) twice daily is enough.

Our Gut Check supplement would be the next step but probably not needed at this point

Thanks For asking and for your support!