Cassi's questions about her stallion…

Hi Dr Dan,
I have  a 9 year old aqha stallion, this last year he only could cover 2 mares, the other times that I took a mare to him he would be ready just like normal but he could sometimes mount the mare and if he did he couldnt stay up there long enough to get her covered.  I dont see anything wrong with him, he isnt sore anywhere.  I have noticed before that sometimes urine will just run out of him at random times.  He can urinate normal when he does.  I had another vet look at him before when he was 3 or 4 and she said that he was just probably lazy.   Now I am wondering if there is more to it than just being lazy, I didnt like that answer anyways.  I was wondering if he could maybe have bladder or kidney stones or something like that.  If so we have done a cleanse ourselves before and was wondering if we X 10 it or something if it might work to help him?  Or what do you suggest that I do or dont do for him?
Thanks for your time, its nice to be able to just ask a question and not cut into someones work time.

Cassi, time is time no matter for who it is BUT always glad to help…doesn’t really sound like stones. There would be frequent attempts to urinate and probably tiny amounts only when he did.

I would consider focusing on the diet. Semen quality, quantity stamina etc would be more directly related to such in my opinion. So that being said commercial feed is terrible. There are many issues with such but especially the hydrogenated fats in such are awful. For Anything where hormones are involved I have to consider the fats. I also consider vitamins, minerals, electrolytes etc.

First I would listen to the audio on and follow the advice. I would also add the Preg Check supplement of ours to add to the suggested oats along with the other supplements that make the oats complete suggested. also has a outline of that feeding program written out. Please keep me informed. Regardless of cause, the nutrition anyway would be my first suggestion.

Thanks for asking