Feed For Success… What To Feed Your Horse!

Feed For Success

the thousands that have found success by saying YES
to Dr. Dan’s feeding program.
And saying NO to commercial mixed feeds and pellets!
EASY as 1…2…3
1. Feed Oats plus Hay or Grass
and supplement with our Just Add Oats 2x.
2. To the Oats- also add our Weight Check Oil
supplement (essential fatty acids etc.)
3. Make our RED CAL free choice products
available at all times.
Dr. Dan
What To Feed My Horse

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just guess with what comes from the FEED bag…
Know what’s going into the bucket.
With the Feed For Success program there is no

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Feed Oats
plus Hay or Grass… The "Original Low
Starch Diet"
To the Oats add, our Just Add Oats

If you’re looking for a vitamin, mineral
probiotic type multi-use product, look no
further than our Just Add Oats 2X
product. The chances of getting the right
balance from commercially mixed feed is slim
and the bag proves it!

"Check your feed bag label for yourself!
If your horse is not getting each day the
exact amount of feed for his specific body
weight then he is either getting too much or
too little of the vitamins and minerals that
was added to the grain mixture. By feeding
oats instead of commercial mixes you can
give the amount of oats that your horse
needs for his metabolism – easy keepers just
a little, for hard keepers you give a little
more —- but you add our Just Add Oats
supplement (the vitamins, minerals etc)
right on top of the oats assuring your horse
gets what he needs. Besides, oats are more
natural than pellets. Pellets are cooked and
I don’t know any horse that eats anything
cooked that is in the wild, do you? Also, I
am sure you also know that cooking does
destroy nutrients. Plus, contents of each
batch of commercial feeds can vary batch to
batch depending on what is available and
less costly. Such "least cost analysis"
approaches may not be so great for colic
prone, other gut sensitive issues and
especially allergies. With oats and the JUST
ADD OATS supplement you always know what you
are getting. Every bucket full is always the

Available: 5 LB. Tub 2-Month Maintenance
Supply and 25 LB. Bag 10-Month Supply
Just Add Oats 2X Here


To the Oats also add, our Weight
Check Oil
Essential 3, 6 & 9 Omega Fatty Acids Are
Critical To Any Horse’s Diet!

Weight Check OilEvery
cell in the body is surrounded by fat which
allows nutrients into the cell and waste to
get out. The hydrogenated fats found in
almost every commercial feed causes cell
membranes to become like plastic, preventing
this exchange of nutrition and waste. It’s
been proven in people that hydrogenated fats
cause insulin resistance, obesity, Type2
diabetes, etc. Hydrogenated fats are killing
us and killing our horses and pets! If your
horse needs to lose weight or maintain his
current weight, give 2 oz per day. If he
needs to gain weight you can add more.
Extremely palatable.
Weight Check Oil contains NO Hydrogenated Or
Processed Fats and is GMO Certified Free!

Available: One Gallon; 2-Month Maintenance

-Order Weight Check
Oil Here-


3 Throw Away
All Salt and Mineral Blocks…
Make Red Cal Available Free Choice At All

Red-Cal (25lb.)Our
Red Cal supplement is a
formulation/combination of calcium,
micronutrients and herbs to help keep your
horse healthy. It is FREE CHOICE, so it’s
easy. Although you let them eat all they
want, it’s economical too. Typically a 25 lb
bag will last from 100 – 200 days for one
horse but will vary depending upon the
individual needs. Did you know that salt &
mineral quality varies greatly? Unlike most,
RED-CAL™ is not bleached, kiln dried,
heated, or altered with chemicals or
pollutants, it’s balanced by nature, not by
man. The minerals utilized are the finest
available, with detail especially to purity
and absorption. You can expect stronger
bones, muscles, ligaments and better
performance regardless of discipline. We
believe this is our finest product yet
developed and your horse will prove it. It
is OK to use along with any of our other
products and for any horse, any age. Use
year round for best results.

RED CAL formula but with 6% added magnesium.
This formula is especially great for fat,
overweight, "cresty neck" easy keepers, but
also wonderful for any horse.

Available: 25 LB. Bag. (Free-Choice)

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