Kathy with her "rain rot" questions…

I have read several "how to" articles on rain rot, got advise from the manager of the barn where she is boarded, and found other "natural" cures.  I need to know what you, as a vet recommend.  

She is a 2 yr old mustang who is on full pasture board with a run-in shed and 2 other mares.  There is plenty of dry area(over two acres), but they tend to huddle in the shed, which is dry, but the area just outside and the area by the gate is frequently very muddy. Her coat is already thick.  I live in central NJ.  

Thanks for any help you can give.  

Oh, I can’t get there every day as I teach and coach.
 I am there at least 3 times a week, usually 4.  

Rain Rot is an  immune system isse with the body trying to "discharge" something through the skin as well. the ungus is NOT the issue so treating topically is not the answer. supporting the immune system, helping the body discharge the "whatever" and not putting more "junk" back in are the answers. this also applies to thrush, white line disease, etc etc.
My advise is to discontinue all  commercial feed (source of mush of the junk), vaccinate as little as possible and also use chemicals as little as possible …. all sources of such. to help support the liver and discharge I suggest our Health Check. To help support the immune system our Aller Check is awesome. also see our suggested feeding program . The article in the magazine and the audio on the what to feed your horse website will explain. this we call our feeding for success program.
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Topically… our Grape Balm ointment will not interfere with the body’s "discharge" but will help with any other skin issues.
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  1. angela shirah

    i would like to send a fecal specimen to you for checking. how do i go about that?
    thank you.

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