Teresa with questions about horse's scratching and wind sucking.

I bought a palomino/appalosa gelding, 11 years old, three months ago.

 It has been a very wet summer and he has scratches on both back feet, behind pastern.  

About two months ago his right rear leg from hock down blew up.  Treated it with soaking in epson salts 2x/day for 20 mins. and antibiotic.  Leg still swollen, vet says it is celluitis.  Noticed my horse really goes at his salt block, eats chunks of it.  Also, he wind sucks while he eats.

Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Scratches is an internal problem with the immune system. Almost like an auto immune response where the body reacts to itself. Something generally "triggers" to bring it on. Vaccines, drugs etc. Are common culprits. The body is actually trying to discharge "something". So we… Have to help the body do so, boost the immune system and not put more "junk" back in.

I suggest the Aller Check for the immune support. The Critical Care Laminitis formula also for support of the inflammatory process. (This is the best at this I have ever seen.. But it is pricey). Finally I suggest the Feeding for Success program discussed on the www.whattofeedyourhorse.com site.

Eating salt like he is is a tell tale sign of nutrition being an issue. He is lacking. Consider the Red Cal free choice as well. The above has helped many.

Thanks for asking!

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  1. Patrice Barnes

    On the windsucker…would’t 24/7 turnout in a herd help with this problem? Just my 2 cents…

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