Tazz asked about demodectic mange…

Hi Dr. Dan,  I know you mostly deal with horses but I was hoping you could help me with the battle I am having with a rescue dog.

She is about 6 years old a Boston Terrier. When I got her about a year ago she had sever yeast imbalance, it only took me about a month to clear it up. She also had sever demodectic mange, I was surprised she was still alive when I got her. I believe in doing all things natural if any way possible! The first thing I did when I got her was put her on a raw diet, probiotics, garlic, omega-3 and viola 12 and it helped alot. Then I added sesame seed oil and I noticed even more impovement but she is still only about 80% better.

She still has very little hair and still has some sores, her skin is very very dry and flaky. I have been washing her several times a week with a shampoo to kill the mange so I new her skin would dry out some but not as bad as it is. I know it is all about the imune systum when you are dealing with this mange.

I don’t want to deal with the other vets cause of the harsh meds they use. I have alot of respect for you so I was hoping you could suggest something to help. This little dog is feeling very good and happy but I think I can do more to help her to be 100%.

I have been dealing with _______________  but I think a new out look is needed………THANKS!……..


You are correct in that the immune system is key.

So… Our best immune product for dogs is our Aller Check supplement. I highly suggest it.

I also suggest our Omega Coat Check for pets. Any skin issue these both should be helpful.

Sounds like you are making progress. Hopefully these suggestions will get you over the hump.

Thanks For Asking!