Cathy asking for help with Uveitis situation…

My horse scratched his right eye due to allergy’s and itchy skin. I took him to one vet and he got better for a while. Then he developed uvitis in it. So here we go with the steriods and it gets better for a couple of days but it does not go away for good!!!

He’s not depressed or any different other than the eye is sensitive and waters. This has been going on for several months now and two doctors later.  I had an allergy test run and he’s allergic to oats, wheat, barley, and tomothy hay to name just a few.

Please I need help, I do not want my boy to go blind! I went through that once with another horse and it hurts!  


Sorry you’re going through this Cathy with your horse…

What he allergic too simply doesn’t matter. the key is getting his immune system functioning again (our feeding program along with Aller Check supplement) in a proper matter.

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