a Gem of a video about our Marigold First Aid Ointment…

 A dear friend of mine Tess Vanattia of HorseSouth Magazine passed along a video that she uploaded featuring her daughter "Sylvi" made telling folks about our "Marigold Pocket Healer" and I wanted to be sure to share with all of you. Just use the link you’ll see below.
 Just as Sylvi is a true Gem (and her mother as well), the Marigold First Aid Ointment product is one of those gems in our product line that might not get as much notice as the RED CAL, Bug Check etc. but does have thousand of loyal users that have come to know it through the years.
 Here’s a few links where it has been mentioned in questions and answers if you want to see how others are using and have been advised to use… https://askdrdan.com/HOME/?s=marigold

Keep in mind, it’s not just for horses!

With gems like Sylvi telling others about it- it won’t be such a secret much longer and I would suggest that you add it to your next order with us.

Click Here To See Special Video

Marigold First Aid OintmentMarigold Healer 4 Oz. Jar
 Marigold Flower (Calendula officinalis) in a bees wax base is an ideal alternative to antibiotic or steroid ointments. Unlike most other topical products Marigold contains no turpentine or worse yet Sulphuric Acids. It does, however, locally relieve pain and aid in the healing of open wounds, rashes, cuts, sores, even sweat cracks NATURALLY!
 Because it is prepared in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopedia of the United States (HPUS), this product will not interfere with other homeopathic remedies and is generally considered safe for people and pets, too. Once you try it you will never use any thing else!
 Find it in the Horse Products Category.
 C-1008 12 gram multi-dose “pocket healer” tube $8.99
4 oz. jar only $14.99