Cocker Spaniel with yeast infection in ears…

Hi Dr. Dan,  

I have met you at horse clinics in Illinois and Wisconsin and have bought Red Cal and Bug Check for several years.  My sister has a 5 month old Cocker Spaniel and recently (past 3 weeks) the vet has found yeast infections in both ears.  

Is there anything that she can feed her dog to prevent these from coming back.  

Her vet has her using some type of medication to clean the ear out.  We would appreciate any suggestions.  

Cathy C.

Ear infections, especially in Cockers, are very diffiucult. The joke in vet school was to Give AWAY COCKERS AND YOU WOULD ALWAYS HAVE PATIENTS. so that being said, I have learned alot since then. first, holistically speaking, most such vets believe that yeast infections are related to vaccination (a negative effect of the procedure) so please consider only vaccinating for what is absolutley required by law. of course the other issue is diet.. many toxins and "junk"  etc are actually "discharged" through the skin.
So we need to help the body get ris of the "junk" I suggest our Health Check for pets for starters, also our Omega Coat Check oil supplement. Finally I suggest a natural food called Innova (available locally I am sure)

Dr Dan