Laura: "preparing a mare for breeding?"

I recently purchased a young mare and I plan on breeding her this (next) spring.  She is turned 4 in August.

 I know that the previous owner bred her last year but she failed to produce a foal.  Apparently she absorbed the fertilized egg early.  Could you please tell me what I should feed her to help her be healthy and ready to carry her foal.  She is an excellent babysitter for our yearling and I know she would have an exceptional foal.  

Also, do you thing she was too young last year?  

Thanks!  Laura

For sure she needs our PREG CHECK conditioner but also review info on "What To Feed Your Horse" below.. I really suggest what is described there as well as the Preg Check.
Last year was young..(regardless of breed)  Even this year is pushing it. I would personally wait at least one more year.. and get her on the feeding program in the meantime. Add the Preg Check this fall for preparation for the next spring.
I know this throws a crimp in your plans but…..
Dr Dan