Carolyn, loves Bug Check and asked about the shelf-life…

It is (now early October) here in Michigan and the bugs are pretty much gone.  I have a half of a container left of Bug Check and wanted to know if it will keep until next spring.    

Also, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this product.  I bought a horse from North Dakota 2 years ago and when he arrived in MI, he developed large bumps on his chest from bug bites and his tail started to fall out.  We treated him with injections and steroids the first year.  This past spring I bought your Bug Check at the Equine Affaire in Columbus.  I was going to purchase the Allergy Check because I thought his problems where due to an allergic reaction to the midge bug.  

However, the young woman I talked to encouraged me to try the Bug Check first. It made a huge difference and his problems where very minor all summer.  And, he still has his tail!    

Thanks, Carolyn L.

Thanks for sharing Carolyn.
Generally Bug Check would last 3 years so it should be fine next year.
Of course, it is a great for supplementation all year round so
please don’t overlook that.

Thanks again!



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  1. Dr. Dan-
    My horse has been losing muscle around the stifle, to where it sticks for the first 4-5 steps and then he is fine. Would joint check help him strengthen it? And would you recommend intensive dressage work to help strengthen the stifle. Thank you and WAR EAGLE!

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