Debbie asked about horse's "Wind Sucking"

Dr. Dan,  A friend of mine was given a 5yro, Reg. Paso Fino g. He was starving; no muscle, and you could see the outline of some organs, he could barely get off the trailer. I was thinking of buying him.

We started out with just plain mix grass hay. He started gaining some weight. So I then started him on 1/2 cup oats and tsp of H2 Oil along with some probiotics OD. After a few days, I noticed he would take a bite of food chew but not swallow-then he would start to wind suck. I put him back to grass only and an antacid. He again started to gain some more weight. I gave him 1/4 low starch food, watered the pellets and mixed nutrient buffer (60cc).

He’s still gaining but the wind sucking during meals seem a bit worse. I notice he’ll stop while eating if I pick up his dish (similar to lg dogs), but starts right after his meal.

He’ll wind suck for awhile then stops. He’s on pasture 24/7, and does not grib. I have a vet coming out next week.

Is there something more or different I should do? I don’t want to purchase him if this turns into a vice, but he really is a nice horse. I’ve been working him almost daily, just walking 5 min to get his muscles back.  


Big Problem to say the least…

I would put him on our entire feeding program…. oats (please no low starch full of hydrogenated fats junk) along with the Just Add Oats, and weight Check oil (2 oz per day and work up to 6 for weight gain) .. Free choice on the RED CAl (very important).  see:

I would add in his case the Gut Check (much more than simple probiotics) and Joint Check (has some great support for inflammatory situations which may be present in the gut) honestly if these don’t do it you probably won’t fix.

Thanks For Asking