Terri's 2 yr old stallion Allergic to Something…

 I just thought I would e-mai you and see what you have to say about this.

 I have a 2 year old stallion that is allergic to something!!  

He has got popcorn like bumps on him and I put him on benedryl twice a day and he gets better for a time and then he breaks right back out again.  He is on grass hay and alfalfa cubes twice a day and fresh water.  

I have no idea what else to do and am getting very discouraged and baffled.  

Thank you for your time, Terri

I speak to hundreds about such each year if not thousands-  truth is the "something" that he is allergic to simply does not matter! The benedryl really only covers the symptoms for a short while but YES it comes back because the problem is still there.
The problem is that the immune system is compromised, severely hyper sensitized such that generally about anything "triggers the reactions". Blows my mind how most allergy tests come back allergic to everything that you can’t possibly keep a horse away from. many things are the source of such "junk" hyper sensitization: commercial feeds, vaccines, drugs, chemicals, hydrogenated fats etc etc.
So the answer is to help get rid of such"junk" internally (and not put more back in) and then support the immune system.  we do this by getting them off commercial feeds with all the junk they contain. Our Feeding program consists of Oats not commercial feed (see the website below called what to feed your horse and listen to the audio). Oats are not complete (nor are the corns, wheat midlings, etc that is put in commercial complete feed) though thus they must be supplemented. our Just Add Oats supplement and our Weight Check oil is what "man" knows is needed for this.

Finally our RED CAL should be offered free choice at all times. this replaces salt blocks (useless and full of "junk" too.. see page 31 of the magazine for article on salt and minerals) and does so very much more. it is "mother Natures" product so it picks up the pieces so to speak on perhaps ingredients man has not yet even discovered. do read the article, see the video in the library section etc. for further info. NOW to support the detox of the "junk" in the system you should consider our Health Check supplement.

Finally to support the immune system our supplement called Aller Check is highly suggested.

This has helped many. Chances are it will help yours too. it may not but I can think of only a few that it hasn’t .. those most likely it did as well, just that owners were perhaps not patience enough to see the results.
It is seriously much less pricey than all the alternatives (drugs, shots, chemicals etc. that essentially cover and make worse over the long hall)
Enjoy the further info suggested (links below) and look forward to improvement.
Thanks for asking!

Dr Moore

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