Krista with horse & donkey feeding questions…

Hello Dr. Dan, I have a few questions for you in regards to your product and recommendations.

I currently feed Pennfields Fibergized Omega grain, but not the reccomended amounts of course, so supplementing  yet unsure of balance. That led me to your product, I prefer the idea of trying to have my horses be as close to what they would be in nature, so oats make sense!

However I also have 3 Mini Donkeys, do you reccomend your products for donkeys also?

Also my herd are all easy keepers, age ranges are 5 month donkey, 4 year old draft, up to a 16 year old pony, could I use the weight control omega oil for all of them? Currently I use canola oil for my drafts, an EPSM diet as reccomended by Dr. Beth Valentine, so I would assume that your oil would meet that requirement also?

Lastly one of my drafts is currently on antibiotics,I have him on power gest by Select, you offer a probiotic is that suggested for horses when on antibiotics?

Sorry for all the questions I just want to be sure of all factors before switching their feed program over.

Thank you for your help and time.

No problem, glad to help…
Our program will work for all of your horses and yes donkeys as well. Just gradually switch from the same volume of commercial feed now giving to oats. To those oats add the Just Add Oats and the Weight Check oil. I would use the Hi Mag version of RED CAL (free choice all they can eat at all times on this) at least until all are back to normal weight. I would highly suggest our Weight Check oil instead of canola.

I really really dislike canola for horses, pets, people, even guinea pigs. Truth is I hate it period! do a search and see for yourself on the many problems associated with it.

Our Gut Check is so much more than probiotics. It includes prebiotics as well as enzymes to really support  the gut as well.

Thanks For Asking!