Julie's 12 Yr Old Quarter Horse w/ diarrhea…

Hi Dr. Dan,
I have a 12 year old quarter horse mare who has had diarrhea for the past 6 months.

I feed alfalfa in am & forage in pm. She has always drank tons of water since we have had her (7yrs) I mean lots of water! she acts fine & looks great… but she must be uncomfortable.. and i do have to wash he rear everyday. i have tried probiotic paste and did help.. but the tube only gives you 2 doses.. how much can i safely give her and might you have some reccomendations on where to start with her?

Thank you very much,

Please consider our feeding program and our Gut Check as an additional supplement. I have seen hundreds helped to say the least.

The website called www.whattofeedyourhorse.com contains an audio I did that explains my suggestions. The Gut check is in addition to this feeding program. it contains not simply probiotics but also prebiotics and enzymes which really support the gut.

Again thanks and enjoy the articles, websites etc. below.


Dr Moore

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