Vicky asked a question about mange (and neem)

Hi Dr. Dan,

My question is regarding neem oil for dogs with mange.  

My dog has not been diagnosed officially by the vet but we have and appointment tomorrow and I have heard neem oil is a good remedy that is not as toxic as some of the other treatments commonly given for this.  She is 6 years old with intense itching around the mouth, feet and legs.  She has been diagnosed with allergies in the past but she was exposed to another dog with the derm mange and her symptoms seem more severe this time.  What is you opinion of neem oil and it’s use and do you have any other suggestions in this situation. Thank you so much for your time in this matter and Dixie Lee thanks you too!


Neem is a wonderful ingredient. But demodectic mange is not contagious nor is it itchy. (This is an immune system issue)  Sarcoptic is both itchy and contagious.

Please see the article on allergies in the Library and magazine. Even though written for horses it applies to dogs as well.

My suggestions:
I suggest an all natural food. The brand I like is called innova. I would also suggest our aller Check supplement and our Omega coat check oil supplement (per versions) to put onto the food. Our bug check for pets could only help regardless of cause. Our Shoo flea now actually has some neem in it too. The marigold pocket healer would be excellent for any open sores.  

Thanks for asking!!


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  1. B Lynch

    I want to commend you on your marigold pocket healer.  I had a growth on my eyelid for several months and was considering having my doctor remove it.  I just didn't want someone cutting/freezing  that close to my eye.  Being the adventuresome sort when it comes to doctors, I decided to try your marigold ointment.  I did it for a month and it seem to go down but not away.  I quit using it for about 2 weeks and it seem to start growing again so I went back to using it.  3 weeks later the skin peel off and had a hard tiny white core in it and healed beautifully.  No cuts for my eyelid were necessary.  I am now using it for just about everything.  I have another small growth that my dermatologist froze off but he only got half.  I am now trying the marigold on it.  I expect to see great results.   

  2. B Lynch

    My horse is on your recommended diet.  I have been using a rotation of the soybean oil and the H20.  I believe the H20 with coconut oil in it is very beneficial to my horses health.  I am hesitant about putting my horse on the soybean oil all the time because of all the bad news about soy.  Being a woman I lhave my own soy (think estrogen) issues.  Yours is organic but does that help any of the heavy estrogen issues that soy in our foods create?  How does this affect our horses? 

    • Dr. Dan

      No worries. Horses for soy is nothing like for people. there was less than 5% coconut in the other by the way. And we are getting such awesome results and have been for years that we just had to switch.

      I’m happy you are seeing the results as well. So glad you are using my diet plan. Thanks for your other comments you shared about the marigold Healer etc. as well and thanks for asking!

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