Linda asked about feeding her colts…

I recently got a colt that was born in May 2009.
Mmy question is, he was gelded in August and also had to have some corrective surgery done on his front legs. He seems sort of small for his age and underweight. A 200-300 lb. size halter is way too big for him, what is a normal weight for him?

Is his height and weight going to be stunted? He is registered with paint club but is solid with blaze and 4 white socks. When I got him a week ago I feed him grass hay and whole oats.

His mother and him were only given poor quality pasture and grass hay. No grain and free choice salt and mineral blocks.

What is the best way to feed him with whole oats and does he need all alfalfa hay or can it be grass? How many oats does he need? He is a pretty little fellow with a super disposition.

Sounds beautiful! No way for me to say what his size should be though.

Follow the instructions/info on the  What To Feed Your Horse website below. It works as the basics for any horse.  I would in addition to following the specific advise there add the joint Check supplement. (Past problems, meds etc why).

Remember that oats are not enough. They must be supplemented. The site will explain what else is needed. (Just Add oats supplement and our Weighty check oil plus Red Cal free choice all the time) generally 1 percent of body weight daily for the amount of grain (oats) suggested. But for some this is too much and others too little – just have to see how they do but it is a good starting point.

I do suggest adding some alfalfa for some extra protein since he has had issues.

Thanks for asking!!

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