Special Lo-Prices On GreatShakes with Lo-Han (and C-Thin)

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People have been enjoying our original formula and economically
priced GreatShakes  for years and the smooth
ice-cream-likeness of them sets them apart from other high
protein shake mixes.
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Loyal users will tell you that there’s nothing else like them!

What you and many others might not know is that in addition to
our original formulas we had introduced 3 other unique formulas
that some might find even more beneficial and pleasing than
before! Formulas that feature Lo Han and C-thin.

And right now, we are offering these formulas to you at a
special promotional price that we’re sure you’re gonna enjoy
even more than the great taste and benefits!

Lo Han

Enjoy a great-tasting vanilla shake sweetened with Lo Han,
the fruit of the Momordica grosvenoril plant native to
the southern regions of China where it has been used for
centuries for medicinal purposes and a longevity aid. Lo Han is
a unique and healthy, low-calorie natural sweetening agent with
a very low glycemic index.*


Lecithin, the secret behind C-Thin™, is an important natural
source of Choline, Inositol, and Linoleic Acid.

In fact, Choline and Inositol are vital components of all cell
membranes, and play very important roles in cell growth and
function.  Without it, the cell membranes would

Lecithin protects cells from oxidation and is what makes up the
most part of the protective sheaths surrounding the brain.

Special Offer!
Introduce yourself to the elements of Lo Han and C-Thin and
take advantage of our introductory pricing today!

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Great Shakes USA
Vanilla sweetened with "Lo Han"

Save $10.00

Great Shakes USA! Click Here

Great Shakes USA- Vanilla
Sweetened with "Lo Han"
PLUS "C-Thin"

Save $15.00

Great Shakes USA! Click Here

Great Shakes USA- Vanilla
with "C-Thin"

Save $10.00!

All Great Shakes…

with 24 grams of whey protein!

Full of antioxidants, not preservatives!

Full of amino acids, not carbohydrates!

Full of healthy nutrients, not harmful

32 Servings Per Container!

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Study Reveals Higher Protein Breakfast May
Help Dieters Stay on Track…
findings reveal eating more protein in the
morning helps dieters retain fullness
throughout the day.
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Get some Great Shakes Today before this special ends!

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