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I have a mini mare who is rubbing herself raw in places. I have treated her with iodine and medicated anti fungal shampoo solutions. Last fall she was pulled out of a field full of golden rod and misc. weeds.

I am afraid may still be processing some of the toxins she digested. I do have her on a good feeding and worming program, and she is still shedding out so there may be marked improvement as time progresses. I just added Clovite which has made marked improvements in coat condition in the past (even in my cats). If toxins are the issue with this mare, do you have a supplement that might help detoxify her system?

My next course of action would be to try your allergen product, but I’m really looking for liver support similar to the one my naturopath reccomends for people…

Thank you for your time and consideration.  

Kelly K.

It really doesn’t matter what she IS allergic to. I have found that allergy tests ALWAYS turn out to be allergens that you can’t possibly eliminate from the environment.

The key is to detox (liver etc as you suggest) and get off commercial feed the biggest sources of allergens overall. AND support the immune system. So… see the first article in the magazine which is about allergies And the link below on what to feed your horse. I deal with hundreds of allergy cases yearly. They are always allergic to everything per the previous testing (most have already been to the vet schools etc. Before I see them) they do great when you change the feed and properly supplement.

I suggest our Just add oats, our Weight check oil and Red Cal as the feeding program. To support the liver in detoxing our Health check (page 36 of magazine for ingredients) and our Aller Check to support the immune system.

You might also search this site for more about Allergies using the search box at right>

You might also be interested in our people product REDOXX- nothing else like it!


Dr Dan

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