June asked about horses' sarcoids and warts…

Hi Dr. Moore,

You spoke to the Arabian Horse Club a couple of years back and I wanted to ask you about sarcoids and/or warts.  

About a year ago my horse had what looked like a small wart (a little smaller than a pea) come up on his shoulder.  I had him at the vet to have his teeth floated this past April and the vet clipped the hair in the area and snipped it off while he was sedated.  He said that it could be a wart or possibly a sarcoid and that it may come back. I took him back to the vet probably about (1) month later for x-rays on his knee after a fall at an endurance ride.

At this time, I pointed out that another of these "warts" had appeared on his head just below his ear on the side of his face.  He snipped that one off also.  After another couple of months the first one on the shoulder did not come back on the surface of the skin but the area where he clipped the hair has a lumpy mass underneath.  The one on the side of the face seems to have come back in the same area with several smaller ones, not large at all but noticeable and the skin seems darker in this araa.  Another one has come up about the size of a pea on the inside near the tip and edge of his ear.  

Any suggestions on treating this with herbs or any topical solution?

Thanks, June

Sometimes when the body produces such nodules it is a way of the body trying to discharge something.. toxins, etc. for instance. Cutting them off only confuses the body and usually they do come back or worse yet go deeper and cause other problems.

The key to is "help" the body discharge rather than confuse. I would suggest our Aller Check to boost the immune system and our Grape Balm topically. If anything will help nutritionally. Please also  see the info on feeding and others located within the Library and Magazine (links all below)

Thanks For Asking!

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